• Painted army bundles from PossumCraft, collections of battle ready miniatures for games such as Warhammer 40,000, Age of Sigmar and many more!

    Battle Ready Bundles

    Take a look at our painted army bundles, complete collections of professionally finished miniatures!

    Each army gives you a themed and cohesive group of finely detailed miniatures for games like WH40k. Many of our armies also feature fantastic conversions or 'counts as' units to ensure your army is one of a kind.

  • Raging Heroes miniatures painted or converted by PossumCraft, notably the Toughest Girls of the Galaxy

    Toughest Girls of the Galaxy

    Hot off their wildly successful Kickstarter, Raging Heroes' 'Toughest Girls of the Galaxy' are ready to fight for you!

    Amazing ladies and perfect for female troopers in Imperial Guard or Astra Militarum armies, there's also a lovely range just waiting to take command positions!

  • Ready to go

    No Muss, No fuss. Wargames are meant to be played, and with our army deals you'll be straight out of the box and onto the battlefield!

  • Unique and individual

    Our true passion is making armies and miniatures that you'll never see anywhere else. With PossumCraft's help you're sure to stand out!

  • A wealth of experience

    Miniatures, glues, brushes, bases - even before you start buying paints the cost is racking up! Leave all that to us and benefit from two decades of painting experience. We do the hard work so you can just admire the result and enjoy the game!


Your one-stop-shop for a battle ready army that stands out!

Here you'll find a range of ready for battle miniatures and whole armies for a variety of games, notably Warhammer 40k, Malifaux, Age of Sigmar/WFB, and many more.

We sell expertly painted miniatures and imaginative conversions, everything you need whether it's for a single stand-out commander or an entire themed army.

Have a browse and see what takes your fancy!