Miniature Painting Service

Quality miniature painting at affordable prices without taking forever to do it!

Painting miniatures and figures for wargames; it's what we do.

Any scale, any figure, any wargame, we're happy painting absolutely any miniatures to our award-winning quality at prices that won't stretch even a modest budget! Warhammer, 40k, Malifaux, any of the countless fantastic ranges of miniatures and figures, painting any miniature to any style!

From Warhammer and 40k through Dungeons and Dragons to Malifaux and Reaper miniatures, our low prices and fantastic quality mean we're the perfect choice for painting them!

And it's not just painting your miniatures!

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Welcome to PaintingPossum!

Award winning painting service for miniatures of all scales and styles! We paint, convert and base any kind of figure from Avatars of War to Warhammer 40k!

PLEASE NOTE: information here is somewhat out of date and in the process of being updated!

So the objective is to get from a box of rattly plastic bits, or the unenviable 'grey horde' to an eye catching force that'll rake in the compliments and look right nifty on a shelf. We made our pitch on the front page and there's no point flogging the dead snotling. What you need to know now is how the painting service works, what it costs, and how to get your miniatures signed up for a damn fine painting! So.

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PaintingPossum - Wargame Miniature Painting Service

How the painting service works:
You send the miniatures, we spend time painting your miniatures, we return the miniatures. Simple.

Okay, so nothing is quite that simple...

First, you're probably keen to see what all the fuss is about!
Head over to the gallery to see the quality of our miniature painting! (Opens in a new tab.)

Once you've had a look there and know we're worth your time, your next question is probably 'shut up and tell me what it costs!' Okay, not a question, but a valid point.

Pricing for painting miniatures

We're not fans of 'blanket-pricing' for miniature painting based on scale, or miniature size. No two miniatures are the same (except, obviously, two of the same miniature...) A lowly Skink miniature from Games Workshop's Lizardman army is a clean, simple figure. Why should you pay the same to have a skink painted as you would for a far more complicated, yet similarly sized Skaven Censer Bearer miniature?

Below are some very general guideline prices for getting miniatures of various sizes painted.

  • 28mm infantry: Gaming standard painting: around £12.00 - Display standard painting: around £40.00
  • 28mm cavalry: Gaming standard painting: around £20.00 - Display standard painting: around £50.00
  • Smaller monsters (trolls, ents, etc): Gaming standard painting: around £20.00 - Display standard painting: around £40.00

Please bear in mind these are only a guideline. Some miniatures cost a little more, many cost considerably less than these guidelines. Following the example above, your simple Skink miniature can be painted for as little as £8.00, while the Censer Bearer figure costs £15 to paint to the same standard.

For current, accurate pricings on miniature painting, see our pricing list. You can also use the contact form at the bottom of this page to ask for a price.

Display Standard? Gaming Standard? What's that about?

We like to keep it simple, so we paint to two standards.
GAMING STANDARD PAINTING is to rake in the compliments on the tabletop.
DISPLAY STANDARD PAINTING is for coveting on the shelf (and blowing opponents away on the tabletop!).

Our most budget painting option, Gaming Standard is the perfect option if you want your miniatures painted to a quality that you'll be proud to lay down on the table. Unlike other miniature painting services, though, this doesnt mean we aim for the miniature to simply look okay 'at a distance'. Our Gaming Standard miniatures benefit from an undercoat, basecoat and several layers of highlighting, the equivilant of a much more expensive option from other painters.

Our award-winning Display Standard miniature painting brings your miniatures to life. You'll be left with figures that'll blow your opponents away on the battlefield and look awesome on the shelf between battles. The whole figure is shaded and highlighted in numerous layers with every detail picked out. Miniatures painted to this quality have won competitions.

Both standards of miniature painting are finished with a coat of gloss and several coats of airbrushed matt varnish, resulting in a tough, protective coat that'll keep your horde safe from the wears and tears of army life.

For hundreds of examples of miniatures painted to both standards, see our miniature painting gallery.
For a quick comparison, take a look at these examples of a similar miniatures painted to both GAMING standard and DISPLAY standard: (click for larger views)

SHOWCASE: To Skink or not to Skink?

Gaming Standard

Display Standard

A Warhammer Skink Miniature painted to WARPAINT miniature painting service gaming standard. A Warhammer Skink Miniature painted to WARPAINT miniature painting service display standard.
A Warhammer Skink Miniature painted by our service to gaming standard. A Warhammer Skink Miniature painted by our service to display standard.

On to how it all works

  • Step one: You let us know you'd like your miniatures painted. Do that through our price list, or our contact form at the bottom of the page.
  • Step two: A designer contacts you to work through any questions (yours or ours), and discuss any aspects of the miniature painting project. This includes informing you of any of our fantastic offers which can currently grant you a saving on your painting project!
  • Step three: With the project and price determined, you pack up and post your miniatures to us. We send an invoice for the first 10% of the fee.
  • Step four: We receive the miniatures. We unpack the miniatures. We check everyone is accounted for. We make any repairs (Spears etc are fragile and accidents may happen in transit. We expect this and make the neccessary repairs and would appreciate the same courtesy when the figures find their way back to you!) An estimated completion date is sent to you.
  • Step five: We pass the miniatures over to the painters, who descend like a flock of rabid buzzards.
  • Step six: You receive photographs of the first miniatures painted to confirm the colour scheme is as desired.
  • Step seven: Painting continues once the paint scheme has been approved.
  • Step eight: Once painting is complete we send photographs for approval. Once approved, we send the bill and, once the final payment is received, pack and send your painted miniatures back to you.
  • Step nine: You receive the miniatures. You open the miniatures. You drool over the painted figures. You send the army to do your bidding.

Payment for painting is collected 10% up front as a non-refundable deposit for materials etc. The remainder is collected after the painting is completed and approved, prior to posting them back to you.